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Personal Injury / Wrongful Death Litigation

personalinjuryWith decades of experience behind us, our firm specializes in handling both maritime and non-maritime personal injury matters. Whether the allegations pertain to a slip and fall incident, catastrophic injury or death, or an injury involving suspicious circumstances, we will weed out false allegations and improperly asserted legal theories and zero in on factual and legal reality.

Cogswell Nakazawa & Chang, LLP provides its clients with highly skilled representation during all stages of litigation and at all legal proceedings and hearings. We know the importance of ongoing candid communication with our clients and provide timely reporting so that our clients never feel “left in the dark.” Rather, we know our clients are themselves invaluable sources of information which information can be used to undercut the opposition’s allegations.

No matter what type of personal injury matter you are facing, Cogswell Nakazawa & Chang, LLP will provide representation and legal advice to achieve the optimum outcome possible.